A good leader is one who believes: in the core values of honesty,
integrity and respect for people and...


SHYAM GROUP’S success story is built on a modern and an innovative outlook as well as a far sighted vision of the Group’s founder Mr. Shyama Charan Gupta Member of Parliament & ex-Mayor of Allahabad. The formidable reputation built by SHYAM GROUP is due to a huge focus on meticulous planning, attention towards its customers, employees and reliance on technology and innovation.

As a person, Shyama Charan Gupta has always believed in sound traditional values and high ethical standards. Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of the SHYAM GROUP ever since its inception.
The Group has make its progress based its Mission Statement:

  • To develop and manage talent
  • To apply that talent,
  • In all its businesses,
  • For the benefit of customers,
  • To do so in partnership,
  • To do so with profit,
  • While caring for the society!


The SHYAM GROUP was started by an enterprising young man, Shyama Charan Gupta who entered his family business of trading in Tendu Leaves-which are used to make bidis. A man with a vision and sharp business acumen, he then made a small beginning in 1973 by establishing a bidi manufacturing unit. That was just a humble beginning of a large corporate empire-a conglomerate of some very successful companies, specializing in diverse fields. Today under the experienced stewardship of Mr. Shyama Charan Gupta and the sheer dedication and hard work of his able and dynamic sons- Mr. Vidup Agrahari and Mr. Vibhav Agrahari alonwith the core team of professionals, SHYAM GROUP has expanded its business interests to many industries.